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All Lowanna products are formulated with key native Australian plant-based ingredients. Ingredients that Indigenous Australians have been using for years. We've explained below what they are, how they work, and why they're amazing for your skin.


Kakadu Plum

Native to Australia, this green stone fruit is widespread throughout north-western Australia right through to eastern Arnhem land. Traditionally used as bush tucker and traditional medicine by Indigenous people, the fruit is well-known for its extremely high concentration of vitamin C. And what is vitamin C known for? It’s skin brightening power! To put it in perspective, 100g of an orange contains around 50mg of vitamin C. Whereas the Kakadu plum contains anywhere from 2300mg to 5300mg, which makes this fruit a superfood for the skin, combating dullness and uneven pigmentation.

It is also believed that the Kakadu plum contains antibacterial properties, which is why many Aboriginal people use it as an antiseptic and to treat colds and flus. But for skincare, the antibacterial properties mean this active ingredient can naturally and safely rid your skin of acne-causing bacteria, without the uncomfortable stinging that can occur from synthetic products.

✔️ Acne Fighting   ✔️ Skin Brightening



Ylang Ylang

Bright yellow flowers grown on the cananga tree, ylang ylang flowers (pronounced ee-lang ee-lang) are incredibly beneficial for both dry and oily skin. This ingredient has been proven to regulate your skins oil production, regardless of if you have naturally oily or dry skin. This incredible ingredient truly does cater to your unique skin.

It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, super hydrating, and rich in vitamin E, folate, magnesium and rutin. This means brighter skin, unclogged pores, less breakouts and overall healthier skin.

✔️ Oil Balancing   ✔️ Acne Fighting   ✔️ Unclogs Pores  

✔️ Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Lemon Myrtle

The lemon myrtle - A beautiful white flowering plant native to Australia, specifically the tropical rainforests of Queensland. When crushed, the flower produces a strong lemon scent.

Indigenous Australians have long used lemon myrtle as a healing plant. The oil from the leaves and flowers contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties, meaning it will rid the skin of acne-causing bacteria and reduce breakouts.

It also acts as an astringent, contracting your skin cells to increase skin firmness and helping to tighten your pores to reduce the appearance of blackheads.

✔️ Acne Fighting   ✔️ Skin Brightening  

✔️ Skin Strengthening   ✔️ Unclogs Pores

Green Clay

If you have problematic, scarred, breakout-prone or oily skin, this ingredient is a must in your skin care routine. Green clay works to extract and eliminate excess oil, while also working as an antibacterial cleanser to clean deep under the surface. This means no more breakouts, quicker healing of active acne, and unclogged pores.

The other incredible property of green clay is that it actually stimulates skin cell regeneration, making it the perfect cure for acne scars. Any impurities and imperfections will be less and less visible with each use.

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✔️ Acne Fighting   ✔️ Unclogs Pores  

✔️ Rejuvenating   ✔️ Reduces Appearance of Scars  


Lemon Aspen

A powerful ingredient for anti-ageing, lemon aspen has the ability to strengthen the capillaries underneath your skin. We've formulated our Everyday Eye Cream with this key ingredient to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in the under-eye area.

Like green clay, it also contains similar properties that induce skin cell regeneration. This means that our eye cream will not only reduce the visible signs of ageing after use, but will actually provide a long term treatment.

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✔️ Anti-Ageing   ✔️ Skin Strengthening  

✔️ Skin Brightening   ✔️ Rejuvenating    

Desert Lime

The desert lime – similar to your regular lime but with a higher concentration of Vitamin E, known for its ability to accelerate healing of scars and skin damage. The fruit also contains furanocoumarin – a bioactive compound that increases the rate of skin regeneration, combating against visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, and lacklustre complexions.

Also found in desert lime is a substance called coumarin – this substance is commonly used in sunscreens as it has the ability to block harmful UV rays. We've included desert lime in our Everyday Moisturiser, so even if you forget you sunscreen we've got your sun protection covered.

As with any citrus fruit, desert limes also contain skin-brightening Vitamin C and works to combat against dull and uneven skin tones.

✔️ Anti-Ageing   ✔️ Natural Sun Protection  

✔️ Skin Brightening   ✔️ Reduces Appearance of Scars    



The Quandong, also known as the Australian Native Peach, is a red stone fruit found in central & southern Australia. It grows on evergreen trees that are drought-tolerant. Quandongs have long been a bush tucker staple, and the kernels inside can also be crushed in to a paste and used to sooth sores and skin irritations due to their antibacterial qualities.

This clever fruit behaves like an AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acid. AHA’s are magic ingredients in skin care – They work by removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresher and softer skin. They also help to strengthen the skin, promoting firmness and an increased ability to fight the signs of ageing.  

The fruit is also high in Vitamin C, containing double the amount than an orange, so when used in skin care it aids in skin brightening and the reduction of acne scarring, fine lines and discolouration. Other compounds in quandongs include Vitamin E, chlorogenic acid, tryptophan, and rutin, all of which are natural antioxidants. These compounds will give your skin a protective barrier, blocking damaging external forces such as UV rays and air pollution.

✔️ Contains Natural AHA's   ✔️ Anti-Ageing  

✔️ Acne Fighting   ✔️ Natural Sun Protection    

✔️ Reduces Appearance of Scars   ✔️ Skin Brightening    

Here at Lowanna we also formulate our products with a range of natural non-native ingredients. These include olive leaf extract, thyme, rosemary, safflower oil, tea tree, red wine extract, bacterial-fermented hyaluronic acid, and more. For more info on these follow us on Instagram and watch out for our regular Ingredient Info posts.

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