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My skin is grateful! The mask is wonderful, my skin feels tight and glows after every application!
cannot recommend highly enough!

Imbar N, NSW
5 SEPT 2020



My skin has changed for the better! These products (cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream) have worked so well on my skin and I've received several compliments about how my skin is looking since I've started using them over the past few months. They're natural, cruelty free and recyclable too, which is great. I love them, and am excited to try the clay mask next, just ordered it (confident I'm going to love it too, after how great my other products have been!).

Erin V, QLD
16 SEPT 2020

MY FAV eye cream ever. It smells really nice, feels smooth and I even put some on my brows as I found its helped them grow, all in all very moisturising and hydrating ~~~ thank you.

Mary L, QLD
30 SPET 2020

Light and lovely. This product is light, non-greasy and cleanses so beautifully. I love the scent that comes from all the natural ingredients. It's incredibly kind to my skin and keeps it blemish free.I love the fact it's cruelty free so all of our critter friends so not have to suffer for beauty's sake.

Libby G, ACT
20 AUG 2020



Thanks to Lowanna I feel like I'm at a day-spa, EVERY DAY. This moisturizer is AMAZING. I was a little nervous because this is the first time I've purchased 'fancy' (i.e. not supermarket/under $10) skincare products but oooooh my goodness, so worth it. I feel like I'm at a day-spa every time I use my Lowanna products (I got the cleanser too) and I look forward to washing my face and wish I needed to more often, ha. Also, you only need the teeniest tiniest bit, and it goes a really long way, so amazing value for money.

Tessa W, TAS
19 AUG 2020

AMAZING!! For me there was lots of things to consider when buying skin care products. I have super sensitive skin, I like supporting small business, I like products to be sustainable and naturally sourced and they need to be affordable. The Everyday Routine Bundle is all that and more!! It makes my skin feel amazing! Smells divine and I just love using it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!!

Kate, VIC
5 AUG 2020

Obsessed with this mask! A little goes a lonnnggg way but if you make more than what your face needs, use the residue as a body scrub, unreal!! Gives me such a radiant glow and has helped greatly with some pigmentation and scarring that I have. Purchase! You won't regret!

Molly L, SA
1 JULY 2020

This cleanser is so gentle and thoroughly cleans without irritating my skin. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth, it’s a great addition to my skincare routine.

Gloria S, WA
5 JUlY 2020

I have very dry skin and so far this moisturiser has been great. It is light on my skin, smells lovely and provides me with plenty of hydration. I had been plying myself with moisturiser several times a day before I bought this one. But now only once and my skin is soft.

Ashleigh B, QLD
29 JUNE 2020


So heavenly! Currently using the everyday moisturiser and it is stun 👏 ning 👏 So soft and a little goes such a long way!

Jamilla M, SA

19 MAY 2020


My skin feels so soft and it’s hydration has improved a lot! Love the moisturiser

Laura F, VIC
24 JUNE 2020

After receiving some samples I am now OMG in love with the Green Clay Exfoliating Mask! I already loved clay masks but this one exfoliates too!!!!

Kelli S, SA
30 MAY 2020

They are amazing! The best cleanser & moisturiser I've ever used!


Ella T, SA
28 JUNE 2020


Using Lowanna's everyday moisturiser, cleanser and green clay mask I have noticed a huge difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. The products not only smell fresh and organic, reflecting the natural ingredients the brand uses, they make my skin feel cleaner and softer than ever.

Taylor E, SA

14 MAY 2020


So glad I bought this moisturiser!! I can't stand the feel of heavy moisturisers and creams on my face, which is why I've never really had a skin care routine. But this one is really lightweight, so so nice! My skin feels great.

Shay S, SA
26 MAY 2020

Great results!! I’ve only used it twice and I’m already seeing and feeling the results! I have oily prone skin and struggle to find products that actually leave a lasting impact, but my skin had felt great for days :)

Erin L, QLD
28 MAY 2020

This exfoliating mask is a dream. It smells beautiful and I love that it’s in a powder form. It definitely left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I’m excited to keep using it and I have a feeling it is going to become a very welcomed addition to my skincare routine!

Ash, QLD
7 JUNE 2020


Moisturisers with hyaluronic acid are always a plus for me, and this stuff is no exception! One thing I wasn't expecting about it, is how matte it leaves my skin! I have oily/combo skin, so I'm used to seeing my face with a lil glow, but this actually helps take away the shine on my face when I apply it! My skin looks matte, but doesn't feel dry! This stuff sinks right into my skin and doesn't leave any greasy or sticky residue

Nkisu M, WA

28 MAY 2020


After a weekend full of makeup, it was the perfect treatment on a Sunday night to ensure my skin was fully cleansed. Loved the after feel - smoother and brighter looking skin. I also really loved the powder formula. Highly recommend.

Lily J, VIC
21 JUNE 2020

I purchased the green clay exfoliating mask and it’s so good! It’s cleared up the dry spots on the side of my nose and on my chin area when no other products would. Would definitely recommend ☺️

Kimmy M, QLD
29 MAY 2020

Fantasic. So light & refreshing, I actually really look forward to using these products each day! Particularly love the scent & how a little goes a long way.

Cody S, VIC
24 JUNE 2020


I tested out the green clay mask, moisturiser and eye cream, and I've noticed my skin has been so much firmer and brighter. The dark circles under my eyes aren't as noticeable either! Would definitely recommend!

Sharene V, SA

14 MAY 2020


This eye cream has been a great change to my skin care routine. The difference it has made is amazing and the scent is devine. Absolutely love it and highly recommend it.

Gloria S, WA
1 JULY 2020

Not too heavy but hydrates my skin well. It also smells amazing!! Will be rebuying :)

Tegan W, VIC
29 JUNE 2020

I am totally in love with my Lowanna Cleanser. The smell, the softness and the clean, beautiful.

Jill L, NSW
29 JUNE 2020


Blown away by these products! I have really dry and flaky skin, and the everyday moisturiser has completely cleared the dry patches. Super soothing and it smells so good too!!

Chloe L, SA

19 MAY 2020


Just tried the samples and they're so good!! I swear my skin looks clearer after using that mask even just once

Britt H, SA
29 MAY 2020

Amazing product! Really love this mask, skin shows immediate improvement (glowy, soft, etc) as well as prolonged positive feel.

Emily O, QLD
8 JUlY 2020

Skin feels smooth and supple. It’s refreshing and lovely. Great product

Tasha S, NSW
9 JUlY 2020

Delighted to find a new vegan (cruelty free = my no. 1 priority) skincare option but not only that; one which is made using beautiful native ingredients by a small, Indigenous owned business. Yay!

Lorraine M, NSW
2 JUlY 2020

Amazing. I’m loving the Everyday Cleanser from Lowanna Skin Care! It smells divine and has my skin feel so fresh and radiant.

Bec S, NSW
12 JUlY 2020

All 3 products have been incredible, they smell & feel amazing! I have never used a product that has felt so genuine & natural. The only problem I had is that I wish I bought the green clay mask as well!

Zac A, VIC
9 JUlY 2020

Divine!!! I ordered the samples first & after being blown away, had to have the whole set! These products are fresh, smell phenomenal & my skin looks & feels insanely good. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Emma D, NSW
13 JUlY 2020


I am in love with this product. I had been using my previous one for ten years and was nervous to change but wanted one that was more sustainable and Indigenous owned. This brand is truly stunning! The moisturiser leaves my skin feel clean and soft! Very happy with my decision to change brands.

Cornelia A, VIC
11 JUlY 2020

I love the texture of this moisturiser. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly, without skin feeling heavy or thick (but still plump and moisturised). Leaves no shine for those with oilier skin types - though those with dry skin may need an extra pump. Highly recommend as a day moisturiser!

Carli A, NSW
9 JUlY 2020

Will be buying again! I've been really impressed by how soft it makes my skin feel. My skin is quite sensitive and I've had no issues (it tingled a little when I first started using it) and I've definitely seen improvement in the texture of my skin overall. I love it.

Cate M, VIC
30 JUlY 2020


Really nice and fresh mask! Love that you can lightly scrub with it for a bit before the clay sets. Made my skin buttery smooth and fresh. You get so much product as well!! 10/10

Alex T, NSW
24 AUG 2020

Tried the Lowanna sample pack.
Very happy. Moisturiser was quickly absorbed into skin and smells deliciously Botanical.
Maskscrub was brilliant too.
Overall these products are quality Australian made and suitable for sensitive skin.

Tamara H, VIC
9 JUlY 2020

Super hydrating. I love this super hydrating and brightening eye cream. Great product and value for money!

Catherine L, SA
13 JUlY 2020

Amazing. I absolutely love this moisturiser - it's light and not at all greasy.

Sarah J, NSW
12 JUlY 2020

Love it. The moisturiser is amazing. It has a lovely, subtle smell, and is hydrating without being too thick. I'll be moving to this as my permanent moisturiser.

Hannah B, NSW
13 JUlY 2020

So refreshing & calming to use. Smells amazing, feels great.

Nicole M, NSW
13 AUG 2020

Hello fresh skin! Absolutely love! One way ticket to matte, clean skin! I love how this mask makes my skin feel. As with all the Lowanna products, a little goes a long way.

Jamila M, SA
8 AUG 2020

Amazing face wash. Best I have bought in ages! Will repurchase, smells amazing, and my skin is sooo clear! Thank you for creating such a beautiful product xoxo

Ellen B, VIC
12 AUG 2020

Loving the light feel of the products and the natural smelling fragrance is gorgeous!

Susan T, SA

28 JUlY 2020

Incredible. I’m obsessed with how this cleanser smells. It’s so creamy and a little bit goes a long way!

Georgia L, VIC
17 JUlY 2020

Really great face mask -
perfect for a home spa day 🥰

Lucy R, QLD

10 AUG 2020

Amazing results that are worth the price!!! I've used the mask for about two weeks now and my skin has already improved. I had a lot of texture around my jawline and now it is almost completely smooth as well as the rest of my face. The mask makes my skin feel super soft and tight and soothes any irritations. I like to use a toner and hydrating moisturiser after washing off the mask to keep my skin feeling soft.

I've used a lot of masks in the past and this is on the pricier end for me but it is definitely worth it. I know for sure I'll be repurchasing once I finish it.

May Q, VIC
11 JUlY 2020

Love it! I am so happy with these beautiful products. They are light and smell divine from all the natural goodness. The moisturizer absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel plump and dewy. I am yet to try the mask, but i couldn't be happier with the cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer. It ticks all my boxes; cruetly free, made in Australia, natural ingredients, I am supporting a Blak Business and it doesn't cost a bomb. Thank you, you have made a loyal customer in me.

Libby G, ACT
10 AUG 2020

Best mask I’ve used in a long time! The Green Clay Exfoliating Mask was so beautiful to use! It’s really left my skin feeling clean and super soft without sucking out all the moisture and leaving it feeling tight. I have VERY sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate or burn. It’s honestly one of the best masks I’ve ever used. Great value for money with the amount of product.

Jacqui A, VIC
31 AUG 2020

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